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Property Owners

Property Owners

Property Owners insurance is a necessity for all property investors, anyone who is earning from the rent on or the return off any property or property portfolio. MUM now writes Property Owners insurance. Our underwriters each have over 20 years’ experience. So where other insurers need to refer, take ages to respond and can’t truly understand the risk, our underwriters have both the experience and the authority to make a decision. And they’ll make the effort to consider the presentation carefully.

MUM can write to a Total Sum Insured of £50,000,000 per premises and unlimited portfolio Sum Insured, with top quality capacity from Great Lakes Insurance SE, a Munich Re subsidiary that is rated AA- (S&P). We are a quality market available exclusively to MUM’s broker partners.

Claims Service

MUM is known as a market leader for providing great claims service – it’s where we get to show what the cover’s really worth. For Property Owners claims, we are working Quadra Claims Ltd, who share our approach, are client focused and deal fairly and quickly with claims. Quadra have a dedicated team in place that deals with claims arising in this sector, supported by a team of experienced Chartered Loss Adjusters providing nationwide coverage. We can be flexible as to the adjuster where required.


We will consider most portfolios but are particularly interested in portfolios that are heavy in the following areas:

  • Modern offices
  • Retail and shopping centres
  • Light industrial
  • Low hazard warehousing such as modern, well-managed properties with low fire load and no processing
  • Residential – generally concrete-floored and at least 5 years old
  • Portfolios from property investors (not owner occupied)

Never say never, but great care will be taken when considering portfolios with any meaningful exposure in the following areas:

  • Unoccupied
  • Development risks
  • Food risks
  • Recycling
  • Pubs, clubs etc.
  • Premises with combustible panels / linings

Claims Examples

  • A warehouse storing washing machines has a £3M loss caused by a fire. The fire started at a forklift truck recharging point.
  • A block of flats was destroyed when youths gained access to the communal areas. Rubbish was piled up and set alight, causing damage of £7M.
  • Roofing works at a retail unit caught fire due to the contractor using heat, which led to £2M of damage. The fire spread to a neighbouring property, causing further damage for which the insured property owner became liable. The contractor was uninsured and so the property owner suffered a further claim for £500,000 of damage to the neighbouring property.
  • An office basement flooded when a river burst its banks. The basement housed the mainframe server for a local business, causing a £2.5M loss. The damp basement could not house the mainframe the affected area had dried out. Under the terms of the lease, because the landlord could not supply a suitable for premises for the business, the tenant stopped paying rent, resulting in a property damage and rent receivable claim.
  • An industrial estate flooded after drains backed up, which led to 15 separate businesses being affected. Total claims amounted to over £4M.
  • Water damage caused by a burst pipe led to a property damage claim of £25,000. The property was in Mayfair and the tenant needed to be housed in similar property whilst the remedial work was carried out. The cost of alternative accommodation totalled a further £125,000.
  • A property owner’s liability claim for £350,000 was made when a woman slipped on littered food in a shopping centre. The claim was for a back injury caused by the fall.